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Since early July, we have seen a trend of larcenies from motor vehicles and vehicle thefts in the area of Princess Anne Rd, Nimmo Rd, and Pungo.  Several of these incidents occurred within the Heritage Park Community.  The majority of the incidents in Heritage Park occurred in August but it appears that these are connected to the incidents throughout the area.  One vehicle was stolen within Heritage Park and a large number of vehicles were entered and items stolen.  This is a fairly common type of crime that occurs throughout the city and is very difficult to track and identify a suspect(s).  The reason for this is most people do not report if someone has gone through their vehicle because the owners themselves feel a form of responsibility because they leave their vehicles unlocked.  Another reason is the owners realize their vehicles were entered but either nothing was stolen or only change was stolen.  While the owners of these vehicles, or victims of crimes as we call them, don’t feel the need to report these incidents, sometimes valuable information can be gained if they were to report the incidents.  So, below I am listing recommendations from the police department that we feel provide a better outcome for all involved.


                1) No way to sugar coat this one, lock your car doors!  Many people believe they leave their car doors unlocked because a suspect will not have to break a window.  The truth is the vast majority of larcenies from motor vehicles occur by the suspects simply trying door handles.  We call this car hopping.  If the door is unlocked, it's an easy target.  Most of the time the suspect(s) will walk passed a locked vehicle and not break any glass as this attracts attention.

                2) Do not leave valuables in a vehicle.  A vehicle is not a bank or a safe.  If a suspect walks by and sees a laptop computer in the back seat, they will be very interested to try to get it.  Take valuables inside.

                3) DO not leave loose change in the open.  The most common thing stolen from vehicles is money.  Many people leave loose change in the open.  While it may only be a few dollars in the vehicle, a suspect can obtain a lot of money if they are able to get change from several vehicles. 

                4) Do not leave firearms in your vehicle!  There is an increase of owners leaving guns in their cars.  If it's there, and a suspect finds it, it will be stolen!

                5) Try to park under a light.  This is a great deterrence.

                6) Please report any suspicious behavior.  If a citizen sees someone or a group of people walking around at night looking into vehicles, call the police!  If there are people walking around looking into vehicles and they have backpacks, call the police.  We are more than happy to respond!

                7) If your vehicle has been entered, regardless if anything is stolen, call the police!  Let us take the report.  This can go a long way in developing trends and possible suspect identification. 


These are a few recommendations and considerations we would offer to our community.  If there is any way you could distribute this to your membership, we would be very grateful.  If you have any questions of me, please don't hesitate to email or call me.  Thank you!


Sgt. J.A. Jaskowiak

1st Precinct Evening Shift Squad

2509 Princess Anne Rd.

Va Beach, VA 23456



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Upcoming Events
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, January 29th, 6:30PM to 8:00PM at Red Mill Elementary School
On Tuesday, January 29th at 6:30pm, the Board of Directors will be having their January Board meeting in the library at Red Mill Elementary School.  As with any meeting of the Board there will be an allotted time at the beginning of the meeting for any homeowners present to voice concerns, ask questions, etc. prior to the business of the meeting beginning.  
Due to the recent events in the community, a Virginia Beach police officer has been requested to attend the meeting to help possibly answer or response to some general questions regarding the event, things the community can do to help minimize these situations, etc. They will not, however, because it is an ongoing investigation be permitted to speak in much detail regarding it.  

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